ZYLER DJ Experiment Month of June


2 months ago by zyler

Since start of May I have been collecting music tracks in a playlist called DJ Prep. Throughout the month I add tracks I like which I want to play for others, and study them a bit each day. Tracks are added and removed until the end of the month, at which point a snapshot is taken of the playlist forever capturing my vibe for that month.

Building upon that pattern, this month of June 2022 I am doing a new experiement whereby I use ONLY the tracks from last month’s playlist on a daily basis to ultimately record a full 24 hour day of live music. My hypothesis being that while I mix within this constraint I will be forced to be more creative.

In a bid for novelty I will have to come up with different mashups based on my mood on a given day. Each hour I record will be recorded LIVE without edits on either my laptop using Traktor or on my Pioneer DJ RX. Stay tuned!