Making a Nerf Gun

Zach Robertson

11 months ago by zachrobertson

A while ago I say a video by a guy named Zack Freeman where he talked about building Nerf blasters with a 3D printer and the community behind 3D printed Nerf blasters. I don’t really have any intention in meeting up with people to have Nerf battles. I do, however, enjoy having unless shit around me to play with and a semi-automatic Nerf gun seems like a fun toy to have laying around. Also as a general concept, I love anything that combines 3D printing and electronics so the blaster I chose to build was a really fun project, and I think next i’ll build a 3D printed drone but that requires a bit more gear.

I made a blaster called the Gryphon, specifically the version with the Carbine Barrel Extension and the Ehdrien Remix which adds a different stock and mock suppressor. It uses two brushless DC motors that spin counter-rotating flywheels, which are just wheels that fit onto the motors, these are powered by a LiPo battery and controlled by a micro-switch attached to a secondary trigger. The main trigger controls a pusher mechanism that pushes darts into the flywheels and there is a spring mechanism in the pusher that automatically returns it when you let pressure off the main trigger. Another interesting thing about this blaster is it uses a magazine called the KaThanha which is an “open-source” (its 3D models so I’m not sure that is the right distinction) version of the Talon magazine, this allows people who own mass produces blasters that use the Talon magazines to 3D print new magazine and for people to design new blaster that will use magazines that people already have, either Talons or KaThanhas they have already printed. The best part about them is they do not use any screws, bolts, nuts, glue or any other binders and all you need is a rather inexpensive Nerf Replacement Drum Spring.

Here is a picture of the aforementioned blaster. It should also be mentioned that this does shoot much harder than a normal nerf gun because of the motor setup I am using so if you build one of these keep in mind they can get a little crazy.

The Gryphon

Thanks for reading