Day 5 - Into the VR raves


19 days ago by supernova

Admitedly I’m going to take it easy with the heavy thought peiece bloggings this weekend, theres some raves on in VR I’ve been going to and I’ve not slept yet :D

Maybe this can be one of the bottle articles I was talking about.

If you havent tried VR chat chat or got yourself aquainted with the metaverse in some form yet, there is so much going on beneath the surface that you wouldn’t ever know about unless you we’re in those communities. 100k s of worlds where people got to live sleep play DJ, be professional explorers, become VR photographers. There are antire industries popping up around it; VRtubers, Avatar designers, bespoke avatar fashion design. Its all poping off.

You don’t even need a headset to get started, you can go in on desktop and get a feel for it, it’s all very internet. So expect anime girls and cat boys, but the culture thats forming around it already is wild. People are investing thousands in full mocap suits to bring their whole body into VR as a bit of a flex at the minute but as more and more events start up that are VR first that stream out, cout and avatar complexity is becoming the new vogue. So much so there’s even a mainstream TV show starting up about it.

Add me when you get on, I’ll show you around. My handle is supernovalabs.

Also if anyone knows any BSV VR groups, I’d love to join or start one. Catch you in there.