Awakening the Artist


1 month ago by superflow

Perhaps the most unexpected result of my time in BitCoin is reconnecting with art making. It is so incredibly satisfying to feel inspired to make visual art once again. I love how I can tell a whole story through one visual design. It satisfies my propensity for obsessing over the details of something I find intriguing. After taking a hiatus from literature and visual art in favor of songwriting and music performance I’ve recently started reconnecting with these overlooked and underappreciated artforms. Words are so magical to me. I’ve always been obsessed over the act of spelling and the importance of being highly precise and accurate. Since very small I have voraciously collected rare and obscure English words to employ in conversation whenever deemed poignant. It is important to me to use the most accurate and specific words whenever possible. I know this is just the beginning but I am so grateful for the support and incentive of this society rekindling passions and talents in me that had fallen dormant for various reasons. It is completely unexpected but clearly exactly what I’ve unknowingly been seeking for some years. It’s nothing short of a miracle. If BitCoin can do this for me and more in just a few months imagine what it will do a year from now. And imagine what impact it will have on human society as a whole. These next handful of years are promising to be extremely exciting. Who will I be in my next firm? I have no idea but I am super stoked to find out!

9/1/21 @ 11:11 PM in California
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