#41 - spirulina induced dreaming


4 months ago by steffenkd

Some people probably will know the supplement “spirulina”, which is a biomass of cyanobacteria a so called “blue-green algae”.

To keep it as short and as simple as possible: whenever I take it before going to sleep, I have amazing dreams. They are very lucid, clear and when I wake up I mostly feel amazing.

Not sure about the “why?”, I have some theories though.

I got it as a powder and normally put one teaspoon in a glas of water, half an hour before going to sleep. I am not doing this everyday in case of resistence and desensibilization.

What works for me doesn’t necessarily has to work for you as well. But this is one of the “real” effects I personally experienced from the broad variety of the so called “superfood suplements”.