#40 - import egg, tendie, taco and ak47 into blender


1 month ago by steffenkd

This is a short tutorial on how to import the other Tw3tch-NFT’s into Blender.

Compared to the Frog Vision Goggles import, this tutorial is much easier due to all the data being stored in one single file. Therefore you don’t have to download different files and restore broken links. But you only have one “design”.

To give you a summary: you look up the “Egg-transactionID” on whatsonchain, you look up the corresponding transactionID for the “.glb-file”, download the file, give it a “.glb” file-extension and import into Blender.
It is as simple as it sounds.

Go to an egg on Tw3tch and click on the whatsonchain-link like shown in the picture below or enter the TXID “cf5f4aefdcad66e39e36f1da1cc0240d8400e18bd369c49a23af52c2d1802db8” directly on whatsonchain.


You search the “red-marked” transactionID for the corresponding “glbModel” like shown in the picture below. Copy it and search for it on “whatsonchain”.
In this example it would be “71899c0edc84646adaf8fc23e8a75eadca8e18747303f340d0292398efb7387b”. It is the same for all eggs.


This time there should be some “colored buttons” available. Click on “Decode” like shown in the picture below. A new windows should open, asking you to download a file. Download it, name it like you want and add the file extension “.glb”. I genuinely named it “egg.glb”.



Last step: Open Blender, click on the cube, press “Shift+X” and delete it. You can do that for the other two objects as well.
Now click in the upper left corner on “File”, then on “Import” and choose “glTF 2.0 (.glb/.gltf)”.
Navigate to your folder and double click the downloaded and renamed “egg.glb” file.

That’s it!

To see the egg in color, click either on “Viewport Shading” in the top right corner, like in the picture below, or
click on “Shading” in the top bar.
Press “middle-mouse-button” and move mouse to change point of view.
You can move the egg, by pressing “G” and then move the mouse. Drop the egg by pressing “G” again.


This works for all Tw3tch-NFT’s, including egg, tendie and taco. Additionaly, you can import an AK-47 (the transactionID can be found under “Info” –> “transaction”).

When you imported a file, you can drag the item to another place by pressing “G” and import additional files. This way you can have all NFT’s in one file.

However, the scales are different, so in this case, the small little brown “dot“ in front of the FVGoggles is the “Tendie”.

all NFTs


Telegram-user “CEO of POWRARE” referred me to unwriters —- bitcoin data protocol on github regarding the uploading of files. Thank you very much!
Will dig into it tomorrow, because here it is 03:30am and I need to get some sleep.