#37 - the smiling beggar


3 months ago by steffenkd

I have lived in “Innsbruck - Austria” for about six years.

There, in front of a big mall, called “Kaufhaus West” often sat a beggar.
Grey haired, weather-beaten, bare-footed and tained skinned he sat there.
And like “Terence Hill” he had the bluest and fiercest eyes.
Accompanied by one of the truthest and most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. Seriously!
It was contagious.
It was one of those smiles, where the eyes are included, adding to its value.
One of those, that when you see it you have no other choice than smiling and being happy as well.
Not just for a moment, but for the whole day.

Just by sitting there he is one of the most impressive persons I have met in my whole life. He had an aura of peace and satisfaction I can’t describe.
If poor or rich, beggar or VIP, I hope if I ever get as old as him I have at least half of his charisma and happiness.

A smile being shared is like love being shared. It is contagious and spreads.
And if we don’t keep breaking this chain of contagion, maybe one day, the whole world will smile in concert.
Every morning I try to greet the day with a smile. Being conscious, that maybe today is the day, me being the person who ruins it all.
I often fail at this simple challenge…

Never stop smiling! It is one of the most powerful things in the world, takes just a second and is understood all over the world, no matter your language.
Additionally it (normally) signals love and peace instead of hatred and war.

Smile :-)!