#36 - no streaming for "Mac Gyver"


3 months ago by steffenkd

The last days I was a little bit sick and thought about what to watch. One really great serie came to mind: “Mac Gyver”!
The serie from the eighties, where the protagonist can build a nuke out of a pen and a chewing gum and solves most conflicts and problems mainly with his mind.

So I searched for it on the two main video providers: “netflix” and “amazon prime”.
I had to determine, that neither of them was providing any streaming regarding this serie.
I searched five more minutes and haven’t found any other provider so far. At least not for the old one.
For the 2018 reissue quite some providers are available.
There probably is some platform out there where you can stream it, I jsut haven’t found it.
However, I find it astonishing, that none of the top-providers is delivering this serie.

Not sure why this is…

I really loved it as a kid. It was a good and effective way communicating knowledge and if I remember right, it was a rather peaceful serie.
Last time I have seen it is like 18 years back, so maybe I am remembering it wrong or I am just being nostalgic.
That being said, I am probably buying it on DVD.