#34 - $21e8 for twetch3 vs. telegram on shitposting


3 months ago by steffenkd

Twetch is always good for a surprise. Some of you may have noticed that the eggs have changed their color…

At the same time preordering of “Twetch3” is available for $218.

The price is probably an anectode to the header “#00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a” of “block number 528249.
But it could be a coincidence as well. Or just a “coinyeezy”, who knows.

For this undertaking the frog has created a telegram-channel and proofed one essential and fundamental theory about the “paying for post” incentive-theory: YES, paying for a post influences your posting behaviour in quality as well as quantity!!!

Due to privacy concerns and being legally liable I won’t share any posts or data from said telegram-channel in case of being sued.
But my scientific research and evaluation has shown: the amount of shitposting in this channel is astonishing!

Less than 1% of posts are relevant at all!

Most of those shitposters onboarded from Twetch and migrated because of the frog who declared himself the “CEO of BSV”.
But while most of these shitposters actually had normal posting habits on Twetch they’ve just lost it completely on this telegram-channel.
Like addicts getting free drugs and knocking themselves up for good after being sober for months or even years on Twetch.

My hypothesis is the first of its kind in the blockchain-space and it is as follows:
when an individual has to pay for a post, it increases quality and lowers quantity, whereas when completely free, the quality drops rapidly while the quantity increases.
I may have found something very important here and I will do further research on this topic. Chances the internet and therefore the world can be changed for good due to monetary incentives are quite high!
This could even solve the “SPAM-problem” on the internet…

Here is the telegram-channel again, if you want to participate in some shitposting or to preorder “Twetch3”.
At the moment I am sick and have not much time but maybe I will preorder “Twetch3” as well and do some shitposting afterwards.