#33 - SailfishOS for smartphones


3 months ago by steffenkd

Thanks to this challenge I have found out about a new linux-based operating-system for smartphones.
It is called SailfishOS and is developed by a company called “Jolla”.

I have installed it on a “Sony Xperia XA2” and at the moment I am trying to figure out, how to dual-boot it on a “OnePlus6” in combination with “LineageOS”.

I got the paid version for $50 which has integrated “MS-Exchange Support”, “Android App Support” and update + customer support.
It seems, like the free-version requires everything you need though, especially when leaving android due to google. But you need a “Jolla-account” instead.
There is a developer community which is supporting several other devices. I am not sure if you need an account when using one of the community supported devices.

I haven’t tried MS + Android support so far and probably won’t but it is a nice to have feature. Especially for those who can’t go without some special apps which are only available on android.

So far it is an amazing user experience. Most navigation is done by swiping and I got used to it easily. The app loading and the switching between apps happens very fast. It seems very good for multi-tasking.
Much better than ubuntu-touch in my opinion. At least the user experience, navigation and touch integration.

I will try it during the next days and will write a follow up. But it seems like the best alternative to “LineageOS” I have experienced so far.


While writing this post my OP6 is displaying “qualcomm crash dump mode”. So obviously I haven’t figured it out, quite the opposite. I will try to fix it tomorrow…