#32 - enjoying "no feedback"


3 months ago by steffenkd

I really enjoy the “no feedback” situation on bitpost.

In a world where everything is about attention, product/customer-reviews, instant feedback and like/dislike-ratios I personally find it very refreshing not having this features for once in a while.

To be clear: I am a big fan of feedback-systems. Our body is built on it and probably our whole universe as well. We have afferent end efferent circuits and self adjusting feedback loops in our bodies and all over nature.
However, they work because the transmitters and signals being sent haven’t been tampered with. They are relying on true information and “they stick to their profession”.
The high-pressure-area over the ocean tells the low-pressure-area over the continent, that they have a surplus of energy and vice versa.
Your system increases your red blood cells automatically when you run regularly to adapt to the additional oxygen needed.

This isn’t the case with social media, though. On social media every individual can propagate their opinion. No matter how uneducated on the topic, but often filled with emotions instead.
You could compare it to an immune deficiency, where those protocols, signals and transmitters aren’t working they way they should.
Like your sense of touch is telling the rest of your body that the sky is green.
Your acuesthesia, that the wall in front of you is soft when running against it.
Your sense of taste, that the abyss in front of you is just one meter deep instead of 100 metres when walking towards it.
This won’t be sustainable longterm. It will fail.

For completeness: I think that a lot of interaction, reviews, comments and likes on the internet are generated through click-farms, paid individuals, bot networks and things alike.
Those posts get real people triggered who engage and more people “stream in”. Like an avalanche, started only by a little piece of snow.

Demand and supply:
When you are putting yourself out there you are creating “supply”. A unique and untampered supply.
Then your environment evaluates your supply and matches a demand against it. This demand can consist of a wide variety. Some will match themselves against your supply, because they support your point of view, others got triggered and hate the kind of supply you are delivering.
Now if you have an afferent feedback circuit your unique and untampered supply gets influenced.
What I mean by that is the following: you will realize, that some topics or behaviours are generating more attention than others. And from this point on, you will deliver your supply in another way than you would have done without the feedback.
Because additional attention gives you more of that neuronal messengers called dopamine and serotonin. And those two make you feel really really good. An additional demand regarding serotonin and dopamine has been created, entangled with the supply of content you are delivering.
Now you generate supply not just for the sake of it, but because of the dopamine-kick. And the more attention it generates, the better the kick.
You created dependency!

This isn’t necessarily bad. I just think that we may have neglected the other possibility to some degree.
Maybe using two different platforms is a good idea:

  • one without feedback where you will be uninfluenced, independent and wild.
  • one where you take feedback in and get influenced, dependent and formed.

As always, probably both sides have their advantages.

Paying for posts and comments seems a good option as well. I am looking forward how Twetch, Bitpost and other platforms which implemented the concept are evolving in the future.

That being said, I still like the “nearly no feedback” situation on this platform and I hope that in the future you will always have the option to keep it that way.