16 days ago by siggi

What is reality? What is real? I often times think about this when I reflect on how different the world looks when you watch TV and when you just look out the window. We are told, every day, of horrific things happening around the world, of conflicts, of wars, and of criminalty. We are told that the economy is booming, or busting, or going sideways, or that we could lose our jobs.

Movies are another source of an unrealstic world view. They are full of violence, sex and intrigue, and although we know this and dismiss it, some of it is bound to enter our subconsious. What about the internet, where our kids are watching mass amounts of YouTube and Twitch, being influenced in ways we have no clue about?

We humans learn from other humans. We learn by observing what others do and then replicate that in our own behaviour. That is what we call a culture, a group of people with a similar world view finding similar things important. Whether it be food, or social customs, if you have lived in multiple countries, this is fairly obvious.

So, what are we learning, from these other humans, by watching so much TV, movies and streaming on the internet? It is bound to influence how we view the world and how we see our own place in it.

When you turn off all the outside information, and just walk out the door and breathe the air, things are actually not that bad (at least in the West). If you are struggling to pay the bills, that of course is an issue, but the world in our part of the world is not as bad as the news makes it out to be. Statistically speaking, we are also living in the most peaceful, prosporous and healthy time in human history*.

Maybe it’s time to turn off the screens and just enjoy being alive and able to breathe the fresh air. Make your own reality and stop listening to the talking heads on the screen, trying to tell you how to live.

* The beset stats you’ve ever seen