Last day


2 months ago by siggi

This challenge has been a very interesting and humbling experience. Little me thinking writing something for 30 days would be a piece of cake, turns out it was a bit harder.

In reflection, the days that it was easy to write something were the days where I came up with a topic at the beginning of the day and after mulling on it the whole day, writing down was the easy part. The days where this was harder, were the days when I had no topic until the end of the day. The days I missed, were the days where I had a little too much to drink.

I’m not sure if I will continue writing, it felt good to have a challenge and therefore a reason to do it. Without the “pressure” the need is a lot smaller.

In any case, the other participants wrote some great pieces and I really enjoyed reading their stuff. If you happened upon this little blog, hop over to the list of all Bitposts and read some of the other’s great writing.