Interesting times


22 days ago by siggi

“May you live in interesting times” - Frederic R. Coudert at the Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, 1939

These are indeed interesting times. Today was the first time in 36 years that a Formula 1 Grand Prix was held in the Netherlands. 70,000 people gathered in the normally quiet beach resort town of Zandvoort to enjoy this spectacle of sport. Even the royal family of the Netherlands joined the party. A very proud moment for the Dutch, and many a man (including yours truly) shed a tear when the Dutch-born Max Verstappen managed to dominate and win the race. A beautiful moment in Holland*.

Demonstration Amsterdam

At exactly the same time the biggest demonstration in the history of the Netherlands took place in Amsterdam against the Covid restrictions. It is estimated that between thousands (MSM) and 250.000 (independent journalists) people took part in the demonstration calling for an end to all Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates, and return back to an unrestricted and open society.

F1 GP Max Verstappen

Whichever side of the discussions you are on, it is hard not to notice the hypocrisy in how these events are reported on in the mainstream media**. We have been told for months now that large gatherings of people are very dangerous, and for the second year in a row, all festivals in the Netherlands have not been allowed to take place and demonstrations have been forbidden, and in some instances beaten back. The website of the government of the Netherlands even states that not more than 750 people are allowed to gather at any one event. According to my math, 70,000 is a little bit more than 750.

Interesting times indeed.

* Holland and the Netherlands are often used incorrectly. The Netherlands is the name of the country, while North and South Holland are provinces of the Netherlands. Zandvoort is located in North Holland, the Netherlands.

** As of this writing, the Formula 1 race has 4.8 million results on Google news, the demonstrations have 44,8 thousand.