20 days ago by siggi

Inspiration is a funny thing. When you least expect it, it hits you over the head. A new idea for a product or service, something new for your house or something to do with your kids, often hits you when you least expect. And when you need to be inspired, because of a deadline you are facing, inspiration is nowhere to be found.

I am having one of those days. The previous 6 BitPost’s went very well, were actually easy to write, but this time I am having trouble starting. So, I decided to just sit down and start writing and see what happened.

In many aspects of my life, I have experinced the saying “perfection is the enemy of progress.” When we try to come up with the perfect idea or the perfect plan, we hesitate to get started and this is often much worse than starting in a slightly wrong direction. In fact, I would argue that just sitting down and getting started will inspire you towards the correct solution to whatever problem you are facing.

Just like this short blog post today. I just sat down and started writing.