11 months ago by siggi

Most of us work in teams. Due to Covid, but also just because more and more companies are moving to remote work. A lot of us work alone the whole day, only having contact with our colleagues via Zoom and very rarely meeting them in person. This of course does create challenges, personally, operationally, and managerially.

I have been working from home since the beginning of the Covid outbreak. I have set up shop in my living room and video call the world from there, with my garden as the background, and sometimes the odd child that doesn’t realize the webcam is on and is hanging out on the couch. All in all, this is a great setup.

What I find interesting about my current remote work, is that I have been working with people from all continents of the world that I have never met in person. This is something new. There have always been company retreats or at least some in-person meetings to get to know each other, have dinner and a beer, and sometimes see people from an interesting side, after a couple of drinks.

What I’m not sure about yet, is whether this really influences the cooperation between us. So far, we have been working well together. We rely more on online tools to coordinate and are in constant communications via asynchronous tools like Slack. It doesn’t really feel like I’m missing anything in that regard, except that I do love to travel, and that is not happening at the moment.

Compared to just 6 years ago (when I left a multinational company to go out on my own), today it is much easier to stay in touch and cooperate with other remote workers and organize complex projects without face time. There is also an explosion of new collaboration tools, from project management, video conferencing (better than Zoom), and accountability tools (shoutout to Honā).

I hope to soon meet these new colleagues and friends face to face, but in the meantime, the cooperation seems to be going great.