A boat on dry land


19 days ago by siggi

Last year, when the first Covid lockdowns were announced, and it looked like it would be difficult to go on a normal vacation, I bought a boat. It was an old and beat-up boat, but it had sails, a cabin, a bow, and a stern. It was perfect.


The idea was to use the boat to go on small trips, maybe just for a few days at a time, and be able to sleep on the boat, with the whole family. Since we had never sailed and had no clue what we were doing, we immediately booked a course to get our first sailing certificate. After our first 3 days on a boat, we passed the certification with flying colors.

At first sight, a sailing boat looks very complex. There are wires running from everywhere to everywhere and lines (not ropes!) crisscrossing the boat and holding things in their place. At second sight it still looks complex, but after getting the feel of it for a couple of days, it actually all started to make sense.

After our sailing course, we were confident that we could drive a boat (yes, really, drive), especially our small boat, but it was still always a bit scary going out on the water. Like our kids would say, we were total noobs.

We enjoyed that first season with the boat, going out for a couple of day trips, but never went on multi-day trips, and therefore never slept on the boat. like we first planned.

At the beginning of October, it was time to hoist the boat out of the water and winterize it for the winter months on land. Exciting times again, as we had no clue what we were doing. Luckily we had some help and everything went great.


This year, at the beginning of the new season, we started preparations on getting the boat ready to go back in the water. We started one day by scraping off all the old anti-fouling off the bottom and then sanding down the remaining paint. It was hard work, but rewarding. That was the first, but also the last time we worked on the boat.

During the Covid lockdowns, I had not been working a lot and had mainly been working on personal projects, trying to get some stuff off the ground. Just as we were working on the boat I got 2 very interesting opportunities that have since sucked up all my time. No work has been done since and therefore the boat has not seen any water at all this year, except the occasional rain.

On land

The boat has been the most expensive, least used investment of my life. No regrets on my side, but the boat deserves better and hopefully will be able to see some water next year.