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Robin Smith

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Robin Smith Institute - Blockchain Emergent

Blockchain Emergent, a business development program, to build a network of skilled professionals, ready for the emergent protocol

Context: this is an off the cuff no rehearsal effort to get the ball rolling so is raw. Media was a video message sent to a leading BSV developer and entrepreneur I’m already engaged with.

This is an early phase program to build a network of trusted advisors, skillsets, developers, marketeers, leaders, media promoters and so on.

Please watch the Video for more detail.

Once the blockchain tech world has settled down, the scammers have been revealed and cleansed, a winner emerges and the narrative refocuses on a sustainable future, there is a network of professionals ready to forge ahead and make the tech work to the max.

This is by no means limited to open source activity. It is one of free enterprise too, where those who put in the work succeed in improving the world. And are duly rewarded for that.

My expectation is the protocol which prevails will be BitcoinSV, but the program is not limited to that. Whichever maintains its utility in a competitve market free from monopoly power, will by virtue of that deliver economic value to the widest community of participants, regardless of status or wealth.

The goal being to improve the worlds productivity. So, more wealth for less effort, privately, securely and all under the law.

Please contact me for more detail.

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