Bitcoin CogDis - Coinriot at The Blockchain Hangout

Robin Smith

5 months ago by robinsmith

This event was being held by what seemed to be a BCH biased group, though that was not clear from the speakers.

To be more clear, this is a post about a really professional hard working character with plenty of energy who was presenting at the meetup, trying to get a large amount of funding for his bitcoin startup which is already doing well - PersonX

PersonX Identity Context

Web 3.0 (dapp / blockchain) Designer & Researcher at nnnnnnnn | Founder & CEO at nnnnnnnn

No names to keep this honest and try to break the wars. I contacted him after the event to ask about if his service offered support for BSV. Here is how it breifly went on LinkedIn:

My Question:

PersonX, you made an excellent presentation tonight, thank you. I wish you all the best of good luck with your startup. I wanted to ask you about BSV in question time but I know this would have sounded like a challenging question and that’s not my intent. I’m trying to navigate through the tech and find a fierce resistance to engagement between the various chains. And BSV, though having what’s needed in the base layer to cover much utility(high tps, low fees) is discounted out of hand by all comers. Do nnnnnnnn have a resident expert on BSV?

PersonX Answer

We don’t to my knowledge… BSV has a community and although I’m not a fan BSV (and especially not Craig Wright) I wouldn’t censor free speech and advise as long as the intention reflected our core values

My Response

Thank you for your considered response. Would you accept a BSV specialist into your business, I’d be happy to apply? Are you at liberty to say why you’re not a “fan of Craig Wright” or BSV?

I heard no more from him. I was expecting that given the dismissal out of hand in the initial response. What was disappointing was that he was so good at what he was doing. And is trying to get large funding for his biz. If I was a funder, I would think twice about risking that with a character suffering such a bias. Likewise as a shareholder.