Which God Am I Worshipping?

Simon Fraser

11 months ago by realsimonfraser

Most of my life I was a devout materialist. I denied anything I couldn’t experience with my 5 senses, or anything that couldn’t be explained with rationality.

Starting about 6 years ago I had an inkling that there was something beyond. I started to pay attention to the sometimes irrational intuition that spoke to my soul from somewhere unknown. And it has made all the difference.

People don’t have ideas, ideas have people. I think Jordan Peterson said this. We become possessed by ideas, acting out their patterns in the material world while falsely believing we are still in charge.

Our ancestors understood this concept as spirits and gods. They saw that when someone is angry, they are being controlled by the God of Anger. This person has the same traits as any other angry person, acting out the pattern that manifests when the God of Anger is possession of you. We are “not ourselves” when we are angry, because we want what the god wants and act how the god wants us to act.

We are not as sovereign as we think we are. We are religious creatures, and as part of our very nature we worship all kinds of gods and spirits. We have blinded ourselves to this reality by our worship of liberalism and our materialism. These are spirits themselves.

Ask not if you are religious at all. Instead, ask yourself, “Which God am I worshipping?” The answer might surprise you. Better, it might wake you up.