Preston Brown

2 months ago by prestonbrown

With Solana experiencing downtime for most of the day, losing almost 20% of it’s value in just a few hours, I’ve noticed something pretty funny about how the SOL Cabal has been dealing with it.

I’ve noticed a pivot during this downtime that sees to rebrand Solana as “in development” or akin to a beta. That is now how Solana has been marketed for the last year. See this tweet:
10 years

I’m not sure where this arbitrary “10 years” standard comes from, but I think it’s baseless. It is far better to remain cautious and skeptical of what you are building, careful to not overhype and under-deliver. Ultimately, when you have to walk back and make these kind of self-pitying PR statements like this, it’s just a bad look.

Better to stay in an open beta phase, with public acknowledgement, and all the cautionary warnings that come with a beta product, rather than building up your tech as something it is not, hurting the very people that support you most.