Open Graph

Preston Brown

2 months ago by prestonbrown

Open Graph is a pretty neat concept that allows platforms to share multimedia information about what a given link contains.

In laymans terms, Open Graph enables Twitter, Facebook, and Twetch to show content that is embedded on a webpage as a preview. Take this preview of the open graph link in the first paragraph, as it is displayed in Slack:
Open Graph Preview

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are able to do this with ease:
Facebook Preview

Unfortunately, we have yet to see Twetch adopt this kind of feature, opting to instead advertise for themselves when I attempt to share my content off of Twetch. I’ve memed on this a couple of times on my profile:
You Need A Twetch Account
You Wont Be Knocking Down Our Wall

I don’t feel like I truly own my data if it can only be seen on Twetch by other Twetch users. I want to share what I post with everyone. This was the original purpose of BitSurf’s hackathon-style project, “to tear down walled gardens” as I talked about on Bitcoin’s Got Talent. That is still one of the most important pursuits of BitSurf as myself and my friends continue to work on our next demo.