Keyser Söze - CEO of BSV

Preston Brown

23 days ago by prestonbrown

I’ve been watching the meteoric rise of $CEO on Twetch lately. With Elon Moist fixing all of BSVs problems with his own special flavor of decentralized consensus, I feel like it is a very safe and profitable buy. My financial advice would be to put all your money right on Token Swap as soon as possible or have fun staying poor. With BSV being the best stablecoin ever invented, there needs to be more ways of getting uber-rich and $CEO seems like the best way of doing that. With bridging on the rise with shitcoins like Raven Coin and Solana, BSV is sure to continue staying flat as a pancake, despite this, we will all be very rich soon. The best thing I can hope for is a great battle between the BSV CEO and the boomers that want to run this glorious project (the real bitcoin) into the ground with back door mining deals, suing builders, and crying on Twitter.

legally I must disclose I own at least 2 $CEO because of the solid financial advice I gave.