Hype by Fiat

Preston Brown

2 months ago by prestonbrown

Soon posting his hype by fiat. Leveraging trust in your institution hyping up features or functionality coming “soon” does nothing but inflate value without providing said value. This trend has started to become a meme in the most prominent spaces on BSV.

As I discussed in my post about Solana, it really is just better to honestly discuss your product in its current state, and while I think one can moderately drum up excitement with vague statements, it is far better to show demos of existing work and use that for hype, if soon posting is necessary at all.

The most powerful way to get hype, in my opinion, is to let the work speak for itself. I believe this is also true for entire technologies, like when I talked about BSV in my “Beware of Boomers” post. Injecting hype is all a sham. Without something tangible behind the hype, it is vacuous. It is printing fiat-excitement the same way the FED prints dollars. Approaching meme-like status signaling soon-flation.