Corporate Gatekeeping

Preston Brown

22 days ago by prestonbrown

Something I do not understand is the level of feature gatekeeping on social media platforms today. It seems like some of the best features for helping people capture the value they contribute to social media comes down to arbitrary metrics based on their following and brand.

Twitter is one of the worst offenders. To have access to any kind of “bitcoin” monetization, you must have 1,000 followers on Twitter. In essence, Twitter expects you to be an unpaid intern while you build up a following. Meanwhile, Lightning Network shills like Preston Pysh routinely diss corporations like Mastercard while kissing up to corporations with equal influence like Twitter. Going so far as to lie about the functionality so that the BTC functionality does not look like the gatekept class-like separation Twitter enforces on its customers. On top of this, newsletters and spaces are also gatekept from all users. Twitter enables a snowball effect for their already popular users because it enables them to empower those who aren’t going to step out of line and criticize Twitter. Their Orwellian practices don’t stop there. One of the worst and most confusing activities Twitter engages in is de-verifying creators on their page. Twitter will go through the effort of taking the blue checkmark off of people’s profiles when they step out of line from the corporate consensus.

Twitter is not the only one. Tik Tok and Youtube also enforce how many followers one must have before they can live-stream for example. Tik Tok ridiculously will allow you to promote your videos with paid boosts though regardless of follower count “lol”.

Keep in mind that all of these corporate entities that want to “financially empower” their users by giving them monetization features ultimately only want to empower people that will agree with them and keep in line.