Concluding the Challenge

Preston Brown

21 days ago by prestonbrown

This Bitpost 30 day challenge has been awesome. I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone to write more than just tweets on the daily. I’ve had to develop my thoughts in hopefully a more coherent way than I would have writing something long form cold-turkey.


On top of doing the Bitpost 30 day challenge, I also comitted to doing some form of exercise every day, as well as doing my daily Duolingo challenge. None of these things done in repititon for repition’s sake produce much value, but they do create habits that create more and more positive reinforcement. I would like to continue writing on Bitpost, maybe even daily. One of the things I would like to continue is better synthesizing my existing posts into more comprehensive and cohesive articles. I’m looking forward to more potential blogging challenges in the future.