Beware of Boomers

Preston Brown

2 months ago by prestonbrown

I haven’t really shied away from criticizing guys like CSW and Calvin. These guys are boomers that hurt BSV.

When I was first introduced to BSV, through Twetch and Coinyeezy on Twitter, I was amazed that people had figured out how to make blockchains and cryptocurrency do something actually useful outside of financial speculation. Here were guys who were posting data and content onto the blockchain, on a technology that had managed to facilitate microtransactions. I made a BSV wallet and Twetch account right away.

It wasn’t long before I encountered the cult of CSW, with himself and his followers claiming he was the “real satoshi” or whatever. From an outside perspective, this is extremely cringe. Why did satoshi use a pseudonym for so long, only to reveal his identity years later? Doesn’t make any sense on the surface level.

Furthermore, the way boomers in the BSV space cling to old-world ideas like lawsuits and court orders undermine the strength of the technology itself. If BSV were so revolutionary and powerful the way they claim, wouldn’t these lawsuits be superficial and ancillary to the technology and its success? I think the tech should be able to speak for itself, and in many ways, BSV is capable of standing on its own without having any one leader.

Guys like Craig and Calvin are an unnecessary externality when it comes to developing a business with BSV, they ultimately weaken the cause, and undermine the technology with boomer legal threats, Calvin’s incessant whining on Twitter, and a cult of personality that have been hamstrung believing all other cryptos are pump and dump scams while waiting on a BSV pump themselves.