Create, Fuel, Follow or Get Paid consuming, Part 2 : Creating Content


1 year ago by phoenix

In our ICMS (that started in previous posts 1,2) let’s go over the process of content publication :

  1. Getting paid consuming
  2. Creating Content (this post)
  3. Following other creators
  4. Fueling other content

Creating content

She can publish this content and a new smart contract template that contains all the rules and stipulations as the creator, adding enough fuel so that the content can propagate to some mass or target market.


I’ll add one 1BSV of fuel in my make-up tutorial video, so that it can reach an average of 100 user who are : /Teen 15-21 /Female /Living In the US / Have a history of watching make-up videos. Those users will all be rewarded with 1/100 of a BSV to watch that video. More details on how this dispersion could happen in a much later post.

Users/content consumers, have the option (revocably) to make an amount of their personal data available to others looking to target them. The same exact data that’s extracted implicitly by Facebook and Twitter and Google now, can be opted in explicitly, in exchange for identifying yourself and allowing yourself to be targeted (and receive more income because of this).

The more you allow yourself to be targeted, and the more knowledge exists about you in the open, the more you stand to make as a user, but the more privacy you sacrifice in turn. Someone out there is looking for you so they can push their content to you, whoever you are.

Maybe you’re a make-up enthousiast teen,
maybe you’re a refrigerator looking for cheaper power for your owner or cheaper groceries,
maybe you’re a professional gamer looking for an ISP with lower latency and more bandwidth (just for today),
maybe you’re looking for a new job opportunity,
maybe you’re looking for new customer lists,
maybe you’re looking for your soul mate,
etc you get the picture.

Notice how now, between the creator and the tentative audience, there’s no one else partaking in this exchange of what’s essentially a downstream flow of advertising budget. No intermediaries, no third parties, no aggregators, no platforms, no one. All the value the creator has to give, is given 100% to the end user. And that’s a pretty big deal if you have any experience of how advertising capital flows about.

But wait there’s more, the real fun is about to start as try to make this system more cohesive and game theory effective.

Lots of love for getting to this point.