Create, Fuel, Follow or get paid consuming. Part 1 : Getting Paid Consuming


1 year ago by phoenix

Create, Fuel, Follow or Get Paid. Part 1 : Getting Paid

In our imaginary content management system (ICMS for short),that started in previous posts 1,2) let’s go over what the average user can do on his daily interactions :

  1. Getting paid consuming (this post)
  2. Creating Content
  3. Following other creators
  4. Fueling other content

H / Getting paid consuming

We start with the simple thesis that everyone is someone’s target market. The widest possible content will have every man and machine as a target, and the narrowest possible content will have a single, perfectly defined target.

Everyone’s time is valuable so our fervent thesis in turning this industry on its head, is that the user, the content consumer, should get paid for their time, a sum that’s evaluated by the content producer in what constitutes the first mote of this supply and demand regulated system.

An average person consuming content will earn a small amount per few hours of watching/reading/listening or generally being exposed to some content. For the average person in the West, this will of course not be enough to be a full time job, but for someone subsisting on a dollar or two, it could make the difference between (literally) slaving away in a gold mine in Burkina Faso, or educating themselves towards a better life.

On the other hand, we don’t want the future to turn into something out of Robert Rankin’s “Armageddon the Musical“ where people’s main occupation had degraded to only watching sponsored content on TV. We have quality of life and the well-being of the people to consider, and how a well functioning, direct market with fewer intermediaries can make both ends meet, with as few compromises and trade-offs as possible, in a non-zero-sum-game for both edges of the market.

The astute reader may argue that with click-farms and bots and task automation, such a system could be easily gamed. I assure you, there are ways enough to make consumption verifiable, and with enough confidence that such a system could be put to work, today, with minimal sunk costs.