Bitcoin is a ray of light in a dark world


8 months ago by phoenix

Let’s take a few steps back for this post, and bring ourselves back to today. Let’s see the world as it is, and not from your personal perspective bubble. I assume you’re living in a highly developed and organized country, have a stable internet connection, no immediate survival issues, English is your first language, you don’t speak any others, you’ve had a formal education, and you are probably not a teenager speculating on what you can do with your life to make ends meet. You’re WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic) and you’re a small minority on this planet. This post is for you.

Most of the world has no access to the internet yet, no stable jobs and rising unemployment, no occupation, physical or other security, a big percentage does not have dependable power, toilets or even drinking water supply, and make or subsist on a few dollars value per day

In the animation above, these are the classifications for income and their equivalents per day

Classification Income per Capita Average $ per day
Low income < 1,026 2.8$
Lower-middle income 1,026 - 3,995 6.8$
Upper-middle income 3,996 - 12,375 22$
High income > 12,375 You are here

Put yourself in their shoes for a second. Imagine your every day with lack of basic sanitation, education, low wages and massive competition from your ever expanding peers. No internet to educate you, no educated family or relatives to mentor you, and essentially in all likelihood little to no future.

Now consider that about all of these real people will have some access to the internet by 2030, that’s just 8 years away at the time of this writing.

They will most be mobile users, smartphones and tablets will be their windows to the rest of the world. A world and an internet not made for them, and one of their first lessons will be that they can NEVER become WEIRD, because there’s not enough physical resources on the planet for all of them to. Oh, and they’ll be pissed.

Their individual cultures, saving and transaction systems, governance systems, political systems, legal systems, will progressively be transformed and hopefully they’ll all become some form of Democratic country, where rule of law and human rights are observed and respected. One can hope at least.

And they’ll want to participate in the economy, and connect, and shitpost as much as the average WEIRD folk out there. And most importantly, make a living out of their new connection. If not already, they’ll eventually become the Mechanical Turk of the future, the faceless people to whom WEIRD creatures outsource their seemingly outlandish burdens, whether that’s photo archive management, or filter applications for instagram or translations, or homework, or blog post writing, or marketing chores, etc. If you thought call centers in India are where this stops, think again. This is already reality.

A micro-reward system, a micropayment system is needed to facilitate all this traffic, and we have no such system now. Modern compliance, in the West, makes it nearly impossible to onboard these into any western business offering financial services. So if your average PayPal clone can’t onboard or even service these people, where will they go ? Want kind of system will they use ?

The demand is immense, and it’s already swelling out there, waiting to be taught how to profit. What are you gonna do about it ?