Ideas for the Bitpost platform

Michael Finney

11 months ago by mdf365

I like it here and have for a while. Bitpost is a great place to workshop ideas within the crypto community. The interface is very intuitive, fitting into a niche between Dropbox and Medium because it allows for both file storage on the blockchain as well as publishing via the familiar blog format. Though, like any young service, it could use a few improvements to make it a more versatile tool.

A Few Recommendations

At the top of the list is getting metadata images to load when posting a Bitpost link to social networks. Currently, a profile image is pulled for a Facebook share, as you can see below. However, nothing shows up on Twitter. I believe it would greatly improve click-through rates. Right now, it can be difficult to inform viewers visually about the focus of a post when it’s shared.

Next, I think it would be great to have a link in our profile to place Bitpost within the larger Web ecosystem that it shares. This is not only typical but also provides an opportunity to self-promote as well as gather additional statistics from the platform.

Finally, adding more social features such as commenting, sharing, perhaps hash boosting, providing the option for upvoting/liking as well as having a tip count displayed could lead to additional curation options. Unfortunately, the only curation on the platform is the “Latest” tab and the “Blogging Challenge” tab which was added for #Bitpost30.

That’s everything I have today. What do you think - what would you like to see added to Bitpost?