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Michael Finney

11 months ago by mdf365

This is the first draft. If you were ever wondering what the beginning of writing looks like: this is it. Thinking is the enemy of the blank page and I can tell that you’re a thinker.

If you’ve been wondering what to write about then just look around you. If the things surrounding you aren’t enough to inspire you to string words together, perhaps it’s time to redecorate. You can even write about writing. I’m not a technical writer in the college English course sense, using the Oxford Comma is virtue signaling. They don’t hang on the air.

Some people set aside time to write, which sounds like factory work. For some, it may be. That’s not how I like to approach my writing, even within the context of a challenge. I had completely written the post from two days ago but lost it due to a browser refresh. I think the first take was better. More off the cuff. The second was a labor of replacement. What can ya do…

Anyhow, we’re getting into the middle of this thing, try to make it easy on yourself. If you can spontaneously talk at any point of the day then you can write whenever the inspiration strikes and capture that.

Did I write this today? Does that really matter?