Bitcoin Social Media is still up for grabs


8 months ago by marquee

A brief history

We first had which split into and It wasn’t a bad first iteration and generated much excitement at the time. BCH now has which I don’t participate in because I don’t have any BCH tokens, and is hampered by the crippled Bitcoin Script within the ever-changing BCH protocol. It does look well-executed and decent enough though.

A fixed unbounded protocol

When the protocol becomes fixed with unlimited scaling, as it is on BSV, more interesting things can happen because developers can take the risk of investing in a platform with both time and money without worrying about protocol changes: something that can’t be done on any other blockchain.


Ryan X Charles developed a Medium-like publishing platform in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) days and quickly realized that more utility and money could be made by developing a payment widget called Money Button that could be embedded on any website. then became abandoned and is offline at the time of writing. Money Button itself was sold to Fabriik some time later and seems to have stagnated since without the vision of its founder, with Handcash Connect rapidly filling the gap.


One of the great marketing pushes I have witnessed in BSV is the rise of Twetch. An absolutely phenomenal job in the marketing and branding side of things, with some solid ideas in the Twetch market, and NFTs. The founders of Twetch are real characters themselves with strong personalities drawing people to the platform. The UI is well-designed and easy on the eyes. Twetch however, seems to be let down somewhat on the technical side with slow performance dogging it for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem robust. For example, the Top and Latest pages just don’t work for me on Chrome on Windows and Android and it’s been like that for weeks and weeks. I am sick of seeing a swirling blue circle while it paints the screen. Doesn’t inspire confidence in the platform, and I think if they don’t fix the technical side soon, another platform could easily displace it. They should not become complacent.

Users seem to love it though and has managed to get nearly 60,000 user accounts registered by September 2021.


It is very apparent we are still in early days of the BSV ecosystem of apps, because there is a huge amount of churn, with apps popping up and then seeming to be abandoned. powping was one such platform developed by unwriter who seems to have disappeared and neglected much of the work that was done in the early days of BSV. Seems a great shame, possibly created by the negative PR war being waged against BSV. If the BSV price matched BTC, I wonder how the landscape of apps would look. powping is still online but has not had any development investment for quite some time now.

This alone discourages users from investing time in the platform. I myself was an early user documenting my Carnivore Diet journey but then stopped when I realized that development had halted. I don’t want to invest time in writing articles in a platform for it to be pulled offline, and then have to republish them somewhere else.

This is another platform that had much promise but has since been abandoned. I guess this is the natural evolution of a capitalist market. Only the best ideas with the best execution can attract ongoing funding to keep a project going for the long term until it becomes self-sustaining with a solid business model.

Developers may have other competing ideas and decide to pursue a later idea and then abandon the first. I presume this is what happened with


Not sure if this fits into social media or not, but it feels to me more like a publishing platform like Medium than a more casual platform like Twitter or Twetch. I have much more confidence in this platform than many others, but to be honest it wouldn’t surprise me if this too, was abandoned someday.


The newcomer on the block shows enormous promise, with much development time spent before release. It is fast, responsive, pleasantly designed, and largely bug-free from what I can see with a push to creating some social media protocol standards with bSocial. This feature alone could persuade a lot of users to move over from a platform like Twetch.


I want to mention Relica because I think they’ve done a great job on the technical side to produce an Instagram-like platform that is responsive, well-designed and affordable. I think they made the right decision to allow users to post images cheaply in order to gain traction. Image hosting directly on the block chain is not cheap and could be a high barrier for some. Revenue is earned by other users “likeing” the content. This site has great potential.

The future

It will be very interesting to see how these various platforms compete and it is reminiscent of the late ‘90s with the rise of the world wide web within the general population. I’m wondering if people like Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright have stayed with the more traditional approaches to publishing while the BSV publishing and social media sites evolve.

One thing that a stable and scaleable Bitcoin protocol has allowed for, is an explosion of innovation and development that will even surpass platforms like ETH.

I one day hope to read articles from Coingeek and Craig Wright on a site like BitPost, Twetch or BlockPost. Until that day comes though, I expect more churn and abandoned projects. Exciting and interesting times ahead!