What to expect from Bitpost in the coming weeks


1 year ago by libs

For 30 minutes after tweet-launching Bitpost, I was beginning to wonder if anyone would notice. Not a squeak. And then… it went insane.

I worked till late without eating and had a few fires to put out. But the site held up, things mainly worked, loads of people registered and have fed back with plenty of positivity.

So I wanted to follow up today with an update on any issues that came up and where you can expect the site to go over the next few weeks and months.

File upload bug

The main issue that came up was a few larger sized files that users paid to put on-chain didn’t (and still haven’t) made it in to a block.

(You can check on the status of any post by clicking the “tx” link in the header of any post.)

Inspecting transactions on Bitpost

The issue with larger files was caused by an external partner but they’re helping resolve things. We temporarily limited file uploads to just 1MB, but over the weekend I hope to get the small backlog of failed transactions (it’s literally less than 10) pushed on-chain, then next week we’ll gradually get the limit back up to around 10MB.

Low hanging fruit

There’s some really obvious things we need to sort out ASAP:

  • User avatars - don’t worry you won’t have to live with those weird monster faces forever.
  • Post sharing - we’ll add a way for you to easily share posts with Twetch, Powping and traditional social media.
  • Initial “featured” content - sifting through the “latest” stream is already pretty unwieldy. We’ll handpick a few posts daily for increased exposure, but longterm we want YOU to be doing the curation role (and getting paid for it). One step at a time though.
  • Rules, terms, privacy policy - booorrrring… but necessary. These will be published soon.


These may take a little longer to figure out but they’re priorities:

  • Following - I have few different ideas about how users can follow or subscribe to content, but we’ll get something simple implemented first.
  • Ranked feed - We’ll get a feed in place for discovering currently “popular” content based on economic activity.
  • Tags, categories, languages - Users should be able to tag and filter content according to a taxonomy and their spoken language.
  • Improved media handling in Markdown - this needs a lot of work actually, but we’ll keep chipping away to improve the editing experience.

Bigger picture

I’m purposefully a little vague on the following, but these are where we’re heading:

  • Paywalls on steroids - Not gonna say much, but expect improvements in the paywall department.
  • Identity - using Paymail and other external accounts to extend your Bitpost identity.
  • Content curation - the ultimate plan is for users to be curating content, building communities, publishing syndicated content, and for Bitcoin to be built in to the fabric of how it all works.
  • Commenting - I’m actually in no rush to add commenting because I think if it’s done naively it could be detrimental. But I think it needs to come at some point, so for now it’s something I’m thinking about and considering options.

Thank you!

The above list is not everything, but hopefully offers some sense of what the immediate priorities are and what’s further on the horizon.

Please keep the feedback coming in. Message us on Twitter or post in the Powping channel for support or feedback.

Thank you to everyone for all the warmth shown yesterday. Now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get building.