Support tools for builders on BSV, get a rare NFT


1 year ago by libs

Hey, Libs here. In May I announced an opportunity for individuals and businesses to sponsor the open source libraries and packages for BSV that I publish and maintain.

Under the umbrella of Chronos Labs, I’ve created over 30 open source libraries for building on BSV. Many Bitcoin apps and services already depend on my work. And I want to maintain these and more so that more people can build on BSV!

Let’s get physical

To date, we’ve raised over £3,000. I am delighted to announce that today, each of our sponsors will be receiving a super rare, tradable NFT card pack. But we’re not stopping there - we wanna get physical!

We’ve set a sponsorship funding goal of £7,500 by 1st August 2021. If we hit it, every supporter gets a physical version of the digital NFT supporter cards.

This is where you come in. We are already nearly halfway towards our sponsorship goal, but we need your support getting us over the line. All supporters get recognised on the website, shout-outs on Twetch and Twitter, and of course receive the limited edition NFTs. And if we smash our funding goal, rare physical cards will be shipped to you fresh and clean.

NFT cards

Investing in bitcoin as an asset is cool. It gets even cooler when you invest in stuff that allows more innovators and builders to create value on bitcoin. You don’t need to be a builder to help new stuff get built!

I hope you’ll join the campaign and empower app builders across the ecosystem. As always, thanks for your support.

👉 Sponsor Chronos Labs and support tools for builders on BSV


I’m a sponsor, how do I claim my NFTs?

NFTs are being issued from today and will be sent to your RelayX wallet. If you haven’t received an email asking for your RelayX Paymail address, reach out to me on Twitter or Twetch and we’ll get it sorted.

How will I claim physical cards?

If we hit our fundraising goal, we will make a mechanism available for NFT owners to redeem their cards for a physical version. You’ll still get to keep the digital NFT, and physical versions will be shipped to you globally.

What if I sell my NFT, can I still claim the physical cards?

You are welcome to trade your NFTs as you like, but you will also be selling the right to redeem that NFT for the physical card.