Paypresto: on Money Button


1 year ago by libs

Yesterday we quietly removed Money Button as a payment option from paypresto. I was hoping to to be able to quietly reinstate it today after reporting some issues to them. Unfortunately I’m not able to do that.

Paypresto depends on P2P protocols, such as BIP270 and Paymail P2P. We can support any wallet that adheres to the behaviours defined in these specifications. However, if a wallet provider deviates just slightly from how we expect it to behave, paypresto fails for our users. At best it’s just a terrible user expeirence. At worst our users can lose funds. For obvious reasons, we really, really, (really!) don’t like to see that happening.

It is for these reasons that we’ve removed Money Button.

We recommend using Relay for a web-native wallet, and of course we still support a gaggle of different mobile wallets. Hoping Money Button can rejoin us soon.