Make money live-blogging and reviewing CoinGeek Conference


1 year ago by libs

CoinGeek Conference is upon us again. It’s time for the great and the good of BSV come together for three days of talks, presentations, product announcements and launches.

CoinGeek Conference

This time attendants will be gathering virtually rather than in person. The event is free to register for, so I’m sure everyone who’s anyone will be tuning in. But three solid days of watching presentations on your computer monitor? Hmmmm, maybe folk might want to be a bit selective with what they tune in to.

The other day Jack suggested enterprising creators could try and make a few bucks doing brief video or written reviews.

liujackc Tweet

So we spent a day making a few minor changes to help authors that want to get eyes on their CoinGeek reviews and have a go at live-blogging.

CoinGeek channel

Hey, look over there in the left hand menu! It’s a CoinGeek Conference channel. Post a review or any other CoinGeek content and you could find your post being handpicked by our editorial team, erm me, for inclusion in the channel.

OK, so it’s a bit of a manual process right now, feel free to nudge me if you want to draw my attention to your content. Building tools to automate this would be cool, huh? 😉

Save and continue editing

Fancy trying your hand at live-blogging behind a paywall. Let’s do it! We made a very simple change to the article editing form that should streamline the process.


For live blogging you’re going to need to edit quickly and save frequently. This one little checkbox should make you about 218% more efficient than without it. 💪

Enjoy the conference

The next three days are going to be a blast. It’s a shame we can’t treat ourselves to a “business expense” trip to New York, but shit-posting about it online is definitely the next best thing. And if you can make a bit of money from it, even better!