Like Bitcoin? Like NFTs? Want to support Open Source development on BSV? Yes? Step this way…


1 year ago by libs

Limited edition NFT cards

Since 2019, I have created and released well over 30 open source libraries and packages that make it easier to build apps and products on Bitcoin. Today, many Bitcoin businesses and developers depend on my work in their own ventures.

Today I am offering individuals and businesses a chance to support my work by sponsoring my open source development at Chronos Labs.

Individuals that sponsor me will receive a pack of collectible and tradable limited edition NFT cards, and will be listed on the Chronos Labs website as a supporter.

Companies that sponsor me can have their logo displayed on three of my open source repository README pages for the period of their sponsorship. Priority Github support will also be afforded to commercial sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring my work, you can find out more on the Chronos Labs sponsorship page.