Committed, creative and brilliant


1 year ago by libs

I’ve been pretty woeful at this challenge. Day 10, post 3. It’s kinda embarrassing.

But thankfully, lamo’s like me have been well and truly outnumbered by committed, creative, sometimes funny sometimes earnest, but always brilliant writers.

I’m genuinely blown away by the energy Bitposter’s have brought to this challenge. This is one of the most pleasing things I’ve been involved in with BSV. It’s been low on crypto nonsense, egos and drama, and high on life, variety, homour and stories. It’s revealed a human side to this space that is so damn refreshing to see.

A few highlights:

The above is barely scratching the surface. Bitpost does a terrible job of bringing great content to the surface. We’ll improve this. But there’s some gems out there - go find it.

And if you’re not participating but enjoying the output of this challenge, please do chuck a few spare coins into the reward pot. These authors deserve it. Send to 🙏