Bitpaste is dead... Long live Bitpost


1 year ago by libs

RIP Bitpaste

We have gathered here today to pay our last respects and say our final farewells to Bitpaste.

It’s only natural that we should be sad today, because one of BSV’s first ever onchain data apps is no longer part of our lives. But there is no need to feel despair because in death comes hope and rebirth.

Today I launch Bitpost, a publishing platform built on Bitcoin to create, curate and earn.


Bitpaste was my first ever Bitcoin project - effectively a “rainy day” hack that I threw together within 48 hours of Shadders’ Through the Looking Glass transaction. It later adopted unwriter’s B:// protocol and then became the first BSV app to offer an on-chain paywall.

Anyone familiar with Bitpaste will be familiar with Bitpost. It has retained the heart and sole - an app for putting articles, code snippets and files on chain in the most user friendly way possible. But Bitpost brings a whole lot more and a new focus on writing, publishing and curating content. Bitpost is the on-chain home for writers and thinkers to share their ideas, grow their audience, and earn from their work.

Bitpost editor

Whilst Bitpost is the spiritual successor to Bitpaste, it has been built from the ground up to give authors complete control and ownership over their content. Bitpost uses a Metanet-like protocol that enables authors to organise, edit and delete their content. Different encryption schemes and the ability to publish content both on and off-chain gives authors more choice and control over their content. Off-chain posts are free up to a certain threshold, which allows users without any BSV, without even a BSV wallet, to publish paywalled content on Bitpost and start earning Bitcoin.

More to come

As long ago as last summer I was planning Bitpaste’s replacement. One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot is content curation. The version launching today is all about getting the core publishing features in place for creators. But a lot of thought has already gone in to what comes next. Curators can expect to play a first-class role in Bitpost, building and shaping communities and audiences. Bitcoin and the unique incentive models it enables are the magic ingredient behind it all.

I’ve taken my time with Bitpost because I want to get the details right. Admittedly this has allowed unwriter to come and eat my lunch before I’d even buttered my bread, but I know both of us are more interested in increasing the size of the pie than anything else.

To that end Bitpost is pleased to support Bitfeed from day one. I look forward to working with unwriter and others in leveraging ways to build a stronger and coherent ecosystem of connected apps and services on Bitcoin.

Follow the Bitpost Twitter account for product updates and announcements, and please join the Bitpost Powping channel for support, feature suggestions and feedback.