What is Readability?

Joshua Henslee

24 days ago by joshua

Have you heard of Readability? It is a function that strips away all the JavaScript, cookies, ads, etc. from a web page/article to give the user a clean reading experience.

Mozilla FireFox and the Samsung Internet browsers have this feature in efforts to go against the dominant Google Chrome and Safari. I love this feature as I hate few things more than being blitzed in the face with cookies dialogs, stupid ads and arbitrary code running doing who knows what.

Mozilla open-sourced the code to strip away all the nonsense, and it is quite easy to implement.

I’ve done so in the RSS Reader and Bookmarking features on Windbell.app - simply click the thumbnail of any saved link or entry from your Reader and you will be able to enjoy a clean reading experience.

More information on how that works here, and later this month I will write about how I’ve pivoted Windbell in general.

In the messy Internet these days, I find myself looking for safe spots more and more. BSV apps have served that purpose to a degree, but are still quite immature, especially in feature parity (for good reason) with the status quo applications out there.

I hope the readers learned something in this post, I’ll try to write more about how we can take control of our online experience away from the tech giants and get away from all the nastiness.