What a Time to be in the BSV Space

Joshua Henslee

11 months ago by joshua

Today, the ShowPay team sold the #3 MetaBot (lowest number to hit the market) for a whooping 136 BSV coins. Looks like folks in BSV are finally starting to make some money.

Source: https://twitter.com/showpayio/status/1437794872145190924/photo/1

I do not know the exact numbers, but the ShowPay team via their recently launched NFT marketplace NFTOnShow have likely made somewhere around 2,000 BSV in the last 10 days, where they only launched around 2 weeks ago.

These efforts, along with the TokenSwap craze (more on that coming next week for CoinGeek) and MetaCoin farming/application usage taking off with 2 more back-to-back Gigabyte blocks mined today, things are looking up for BSV.

Yes the price is still $160. BSV is a stablecoin, don’t you know?