Unnecessary Risk

Joshua Henslee

10 months ago by joshua

In this new digital age that promotes drama, hate, nonsense and fear it has become quite easy for businesses or entities to add unnecessary risk to their business.

This is yet another lesson I learned from my favorite YouTuber who refuses to engage in, or entertain these types issues as he knows they are divisive. Before this year I thought such an act was cowardly, as that as a promoter/influencer you would want to disclose your true self to your viewers and not care if your radical views impacted your following.

I now believe that approach is wrong, as it adds a risk vector that may not need to be there. To be clear, I am not stating that influencers should not add political color or messaging to their public presence, I am merely pointing out there could be drawbacks.

For this reason (other than this #Bitpost30 challenge) moving forward I will not be publicly discussing world issues or politics. I feel there is already enough drama and the last thing I want to do is pile on - easy as a trap it may be to fall into.