The 2020s will be Known as the Clown World Decades 🤡

Joshua Henslee

11 months ago by joshua

Shout-out to a certain friend who originally coined this term.

Each time where I inadvertently see a ridiculous fear-mongering headline, or how social media somehow becomes more absurd and toxic by the day I think “it’s a clown world”. I think recency bias points towards these things happening since March 2020, but the absurdities likely started long before then.

In general I will not be publicly commenting on politics, world issues anymore just because it is not worth it and adds unnecessary risk, but some examples of the Clown World include:

A ponzi-scheme enabling pet rock coin being worth $50,000
One of the most terrible, hated companies by their customers (GME) stock price being pumped and dumped
Vaccine suddenly means it does not block diseases
A ridiculous amount of advertising for a ‘free’ product ^
100,000 fans at packed sports stadiums without restrictions but public transportation still mandates it
Somehow there being no inflation despite checks being printed and mailed to people by an entity in almost 30 trillion dollars in debt
Appointing a special needs people abuser as a composer for the Special Olympics

…and much more.

These are just a few examples. One lesson the Clown World has taught me is that the world online and the world in person are very different things.

Therefore I will not dwell on these things and look at life positively, for there is so much opportunity, interesting material to consume, creativity and positive occurences to be discovered out there.

Despite these occurences, to quote one of my new favorite YouTubers (who I will cover in a future article):

“Remember, it’s a beautiful world out there everybody”. - Alpha Investments