Sound Principles

Joshua Henslee

25 days ago by joshua

Two of my favorite companines are Nintendo and Chick-fil-A’. Not only do they continuously output great product but they are very based in their companies’ outlook.

They do not compromise to social pressure, politics or external issues as their foundation is very strong, and deviating from that root would alter their identity.

Nintendo has had to deal more with criticisms from customers over the years of how they’ve handled product releases and pricing. Chick-fil-A’s top issue has been their rigid Christian views being criticized as outdated in today’s culture.

Despite these, both companines are alive and kicking, as strong as they’ve ever been. I wrote before about how Chick-fil-A’ somehow made more money in 2020 than in 2019, and Nintendo is still doing great with the Switch, releasing more and more games, as well as catering to their old school fans. Furthermore, a common factor of these companies success is their top-tier Customer Service.

While Chick-fil-A’s views could be labeled as Unnecessary Risk, I think they would not have even been successful if they did not have those principles in the first place.

As for Nintendo, the fact that are able to continue to monetized their core characters created in the 1980s is proof of their ability to innovate and deliver desired product to their fans.

I hope both companines continue this path for at least the rest of my lifetime.