Show App is the Best Experience using BSV I've Had

Joshua Henslee

1 year ago by joshua

Yesterday I wrote about the MetaBot and briefly the Show App/MetaID protocols. In this one, I want to write about the awesome experience of using the Show App and all the applications inside of it.

Once you sign up for a MetaID (w/ just email/password) you now have a single identity that can be used to access multiple applications. In the Show App, you can view your single wallet (ShowMoney) that stores BSV as well as fungible and non-fungible tokens.

The wallet has transaction history (gasp!) and supports paymail.

The app has a notification list of activity occuring across different applications so you have one place to view notifications as opposed to logging into to different ones to check what is going on.

MetaCoin has been a hot topic lately, as its incentive structure was responsible for the 2 GB block on the network in August 2021. Not only can you view your balance of MetaCoin but you can check the status of how much you will earn today (based on your various application activity/size of data uploaded) as well as purchase or sell!

All of these features are accessible via a tap and users can swap MetaCoinf for BSV, post their thoughts on ShowBuzz, and use the NFT marketplace to procure a MetaBot, equip their MetaBot as their avatar to be displayed across the apps and more.

This experience is what I have envisioned and wanted on Bitcoin for so long. I believe this is what users were thinking of what is possible after Craig’s presentation at CoinGeek London in 2018.

Well now it is here. Get the Show App at