Opportunity Everywhere

Joshua Henslee

22 days ago by joshua

I have written about the BSV price numerous times during the #Bitpost30 challenge. Unlike some folk, I do believe the price matters and has had a significant impact on (the lack of) adoption in the space.

The speculative price increasing attracts talent, entreprenuers and developers which is becoming more clear by the day that BSV utterly lacks. This is improving, as I think the innovation done in the Summer of 2021 has been substantial.

That stated, as the price crumbles to $125 there is opportunity everywhere. Many companies are still looking for developers. NFTs on BSV are catching up to what is happening on other chains (see Gopnikz).

Ironically as the price dips potentially the most money has been made by BSVers on-chain in September 2021 more than any other month previously. How is this possible?

I believe the emergence of TokenSwap and MetaCoin are the primary drivers here. Nearly $15 million poured into TokenSwap, which is low comparatively to other chains, but quite high relatively to other BitCoin apps. Yes some folk are generally against speculation, trading and ‘DeFi’ but the reality is that is where we are at.

While we screech at other chains for scamming and how they have their head in the sand about BSV, likely the some are in the same boat on BSV as others more in tune in what is going on are indeed making profit. I can personally attest to this.

If you are still here and still bullish on BSV (as I am) there have been fewer ideal times to obtain more coins.