My Thoughts on Completing the #Bitpost30 Challenge

Joshua Henslee

21 days ago by joshua

Thank you again to Isaac and Libs for running such a great event. While it was slightly annoying to have to write something every morning, I am glad to have done it and it helped me preserve discipline in maintaining other tasks as well.

September has been the best month for my business since I started on my own 2 years ago and I think its is no coincidence that this challenge had a positive impact. I also see that some readers particularly enjoyed my content and that is very fulfilling.

I probably would not have entered if there was not a prize pool, but now that we are at the last day the value I received in exchange for writing 30 days in a row will far exceed the amount of money earned.

I hope to do this again, and who knows - I may start writing more often here just because. I am curious if others would like me to continue to do so, if so please let me know!

Congrats to everyone else who completed the challenge!