My Favorite YouTuber

Joshua Henslee

2 months ago by joshua

In a previous article I referred to a YouTube channel that has become my favorite over the past couple of months. Alpha Investments is a Magic the Gathering finance channel. I don’t play Magic, never have and only own one booster box to check out the cards. How is this so?


It turns out, Rudy from Alpha Investments is a fascinating character. He used to work for one of the big investment firms during the 2000s, but has always been a Magic collector/investor. He has been collecting old Magic product since the 90s and now has collection worth millions.

He is very in tune with the financial markets, as well as the collectibles. With this knowledge, he occasionally does videos on finance, the economy, how to run a business and risk management.

He does no editing, lets the camera fall down at the end of his videos and is all over the place with card-sorting podcast style videos, ranting, trading card box-opening videos, finance whiteboard sessions…and on. He also does not update the video description, nor does he (typically) use some click-baiting thumbnail.

One might question how is it someone with none of the these typical YouTuber techniques, amass over 320,000 subscribers over 5 years?

Simply because his channel is extremely valuable. I have learned so much about markets, running a business and risk from watching him, as have many others. He has a Patreon that is near impossible to get into, some of which who have no interest in Magic but want his financial advice.

Some of his most entertaining videos are when he puts on a pink visor and sketches out finance scenarios on a whiteboard, where he always states to seek a professional, licensed person’s advice, as he is just a taco monger in his mom’s basement.

Ironically, he was a licensed financial advisor for one of the firms that ended up collapsing during the 2008 crisis! And his advice is miles ahead of anyone in that industry today in my opinion.

Why do I write about him here? Well while he does not discuss cryptocurrency much he has touched on the subject a few times. When he speaks on it, because of his experience and knowlege, he fully graps the implications of ‘crypto’ and how it will change the economy going forward.

This video, dated August 2017 demonstrates his understanding (even then!) and I believe is a must watch for anyone in the Bitcoin space: