Miner Negotiation

Joshua Henslee

26 days ago by joshua

Lots of discussion about how apps should basically obtain permission or have a discussion from/with miners before writing to the ledger.

For example, consider the following scenarios:

  • A lower fee rate that the network norm is desired
  • Needing some limit to be lifted (ex. Maximum script size, or transaction size)
  • Additional computation and/or data storage is required

We must understand that raw Bitcoin transactions are embedded with satoshis that pays the miner who wins the block.

Given this, why would an app pre-negotiate with a miner when it is already a base requirement that the app sends money to write to the ledger? Especially when multiple miners exist?

This ‘negotiation’ should be cut and dry. Users broadcast transactions with fees, the miners choose whether to include them in a block or not. There is no need for some pre-meeting to gather requirements.

Miners need to either accept or reject - being a completely apolitical interaction. Otherwise we are not doing anything different than the status quo enterprise business exchange with friction, personalities and unnecessary hurdles.